Retroactive Applications


In line with the efforts of the government to address the displacement of Higher Education Institution (HEI) personnel due to the implementation of K to 12, the Department of Labor and Employment issued Department Order 177-17 (Expanding DOLE Adjustment Measures Program For Displaced Higher Education Institution Personnel due to the Implementation of Republic Act No. 10533) to expand the program coverage, ease application and availment, and increase the financial assistance afforded to its beneficiaries.

To further assist displaced teaching and non-teaching HEI personnel, D.O. 177-17 extended the application period from one month to one year from the date of displacement. This covers personnel who were displaced from 30 May 2014 onwards until the end of the Transition Period in A.Y. 2021-2022. HEI personnel displaced from 30 May 2014 onwards are given one year to avail of the K to 12 DOLE AMP from the date of the D.O. issuance (i.e. until 10 July 2018).