Program Components



Financial Support provides displaced HEI personnel financial relief necessary to mitigate the immediate adverse economic impacts of the implementation of K to 12

  • Amount is equivalent to Php 10,000.00, seventy-five (75%) percent of their last monthly gross salary or the prevailing median salary of the HEI personnel, whichever is highest.
  • Duration of 3  months for partially and temporarily displaced HEI personnel and 6 months for totally displaced HEI personnel.
  • Directly transferred to beneficiaries’ Land Bank of the Philippines account.


Employment Facilitation provides displaced HEI personnel access to available job opportunities suitable to the qualifications of the displaced HEI personnel.

  • Job matching, referral, and placement services, either for local or overseas employment
  • Employment coaching
  • Labor Market Information

livelihood opportunities

Livelihood Opportunities provide displaced HEI personnel capacity-building assistance on livelihood through the DOLE Kabahayan Program

  • Training on how to plan, set up, start and operate livelihood undertakings
  • Working capital in the form of raw materials, equipment, tools and jigs, and other support services necessary to set up a business
  • Continuing technical and business advisory services to ensure efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of the business or enterprise