K to 12 DOLE AMP: crucial aid to college workers displaced by new education scheme

Alvin Villanueva of San Fernando City, Pampanga was put under probationary status when the effects of the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum hit the college he was working for. After he lost his teaching load, his supervisor urged him to apply for the K to 12 DOLE Adjustment Measures Program (AMP).

“It’s very beneficial,” he says, referring to the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) assistance package, “It helps in my daily expenses considering my unemployed status. Losing my salary required a lot of adjustment, so I’m very thankful for the financial support from DOLE.”

As the K to 12 program was being rolled out in schools across the country, some voiced fears that HEI personnel may face employment termination during this period due to the expected multi-year low enrollment. To mitigate this negative impact on labor, the DOLE issued an order establishing the K to 12 DOLE AMP: an unemployment-related benefit scheme aimed at providing aid to affected personnel.

Last year, the K to 12 DOLE AMP serviced 464 beneficiaries from 1,473 personnel reportedly displaced from their workplaces. HEI workers who lose their jobs during the transition to the new educational system are eligible to apply for the program and receive (1) Financial Support, (2) Employment Facilitation, and (3) Livelihood Opportunities.


Marcel Budlong, teaching at the Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City

“The financial support really sustained my needs during the time I was job searching,” Lendon Jan Conde, who was laid off from San Pedro College in Davao City, explains how the different program components were essential to him after he lost his posting. “In the few months after I was displaced, I was able to engage in some small business opportunities which helped me and my family with our basic needs.”

Conde has since found reemployment, teaching at St. Mary’s College of Tagum, through the program.

The K to 12 DOLE AMP beneficiaries consider the program much needed aid during this trying period of adjustment. As Marcel Budlong puts it: “The program is ‘like an angel’, providing your needs when you are in crisis. It is for sure beneficial.”

A former full-time teaching faculty of the Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, the school’s guidance officer suggested to him to attend a DOLE seminar after he was listed among those in the retrenchment program of the university. He credits the package of assistance from DOLE for providing him the means to finance his monthly bills and amortization.


Jemima Yerro of Cebu City

Similarly, Jemima Neriss Yerro from Cebu City expresses profuse thanks to the department for the help she received. Displaced from Cebu Eastern College where she used to teach full-time, she was able to secure a job as a Senior High Teacher at University of San Carlos after just two months in the program.

She says, “The benefits of K to 12 DOLE AMP significantly contributed to the establishment of my career and it paved the way for other wonderful opportunities as well. I am blessed to pursue my passion in teaching, to work and be affiliated in a prestigious university, and to equip myself in the process of finishing my Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling. I am grateful for your support and may this program provide significant opportunities to others as well.”

For more information about the K to 12 DOLE Adjustment Measures Program, potential beneficiaries are encouraged to contact the K to 12 DOLE AMP Program Management Office at (02) 528.0083, through e-mail at ble.k12doleamp@gmail.com, or through their Facebook page at facebook.com/K12DOLEAMP.



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